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Fold-up scooters, adult scooters and commuter scooters Fold up scooters have until relatively recently have been primarily aimed at kids. The basic lightweight fold out scooters with small wheels and adjustable bar height have been the most common accessory for kids to take on the school run. This type of scooter are low to the ground and stable and generally fall into maximum weight categories i.e. up to 35kg weight limit, up to 50kg weight limit and up to 100kg. The exception to this is the Go-Ped which has a weight limit of 28 stones and is definitely one for the grown-ups. The larger wheeled fold-up scooters on the market are most suited to the adult market, they are less tiring to ride than those with small wheels. The large wheel scooters also have a much smoother faster ride as well as being adjustable in height, so are comfortable to ride even for people 6 foot and over. These scooters are also popular with parents who want to get out with their kids on scooters for a weekend spin through the park. However they are also regularly used by commuters who want to save time and effort pre and post their bus or train journeys, some commuters even manage to avoid public transport altogether and utilise their scooters for the whole journey. With mud guards to avoid water spray, a more practical riding position than a bike and no need to find somewhere to lock up outside work, they can easily fold up and sit under your desk ready for the return journey. So it’s no surprise commuting by scooter is becoming very popular particularly in London and the larger more congested cities. The boom in the use of scooters has also extended to coastal towns for getting about or along the sea front and many older people are discovering the fun and health benefits of a leisurely scoot along the promenade with their grandchildren.
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