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  • We sharpen all types of ice skates from hockey to figure and offer both re-grinds and first time sharpening. Ice skates need to be sharpened before being used. Some new recreational ice skates come with a factory pre grind, whilst most hockey skates such as Bauer and CCM will need to be sharpened first. When sharpening an ice skate blade you are creating two edges. This is done by grinding a small hollow or Radius into the bottom of the skate blade. This edge is what gives you grip when skating allowing you push off, turn and stop. The deeper the hollow the more grip or edge you have when skating. However the ‘sharper’ or deeper grinds will reduce your glide. The edges sink further in to the ice than a shallower grind in effect slowing you down. The “Radius Of Hollow” is the measurement of the depth of grind, this is what determines the amount of grip or glide you have. This measurement is normally made in Inches; the most standard grind for a hockey skate is ½” (half inch) this is how we sharpen all our hockey skates unless asked to do otherwise. Figure skates generally have slightly wider blade so when sharpening figures skates we sharpen to 5/8”. If you are unsure please ask in store for more information. Skate sharpening service is available in London, Swindon, Oxford and Bristol stores - normally available “while you wait” or same day in store. Alternatively if you do not live near to one of our stores we offer a courier box service.
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Check out our range of skates, skateboards, scooters, ice hockey gear and much more. We have stores in Bristol, Swindon, Oxford and London. Our newest store is our skate shop in London.

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Having a store in the centre of London means we are at the heart of one of the biggest inline skate scenes in the UK. At Get Skate Co. we have one of the biggest selections of skates available. We stock all models of ice, inline and roller skates from the worlds leading brands - K2, Rollerblade, Powerslide, Seba and Tempish. Search our website or visit one of our UK skate stores. With weekly organised street skates, speed skating teams and slalom session there is lots of skating whether competitive or just it’s just for fun and fitness.

If you`re looking for a new deck or board we have a range of quality skateboards, short cruisers, longboards. Our brands include Penny, Plan B, Element, Enuff ... to name just a few.

One of our most popular boards is The Penny Original 22” Skateboard - this board defines what Penny is all about - freedom, fun and high quality components. They come in awesome colours and styles, from fluorescent yellow to tie dye! You can buy them as a complete or as separate components - decks, trucks, wheels, bolts, bearings .... put your own colours together maybe?

Our short cruiser brands include Mindless, Voltage, Z-Flex, Quest, Voodoo  and more...

Another growing sector is the scooters market. Whether you want an adult scooter for commuting or you`re heading to the skate park or looking for something for the kids, we have something to suit you. We also stock a wide range of components; a vast collection of wheels, forks and headsets, trucks, decks, grips, clamps and lots more. Our brands include Crisp, Lucky, Slamm, Grit, MGP, Go-Ped, Micro, and JD Bug. All this can be found in our; skate shop UK; Get Skate Co.

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